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Las Vegas

Outdoor Adventure in Las Vegas

By June 9, 2021June 15th, 2021No Comments

Ssshhh… The locals have a secret. The coolest parts of Vegas are not all found on the strip, they are found in the wild! We may be famously known for the casinos, shows, and lights but this city comes with some of the most amazing outdoor adventures.

Mt. Charleston

If you are interested in getting out of the heat the valley provides, this is the place to go. In the summer months, Mount Charleston is approximately 20 degrees cooler than the city. It may be a bit of a drive to reach this destination, but the views are worth it. It is covered in trees (first clue we are from Vegas – obsessed with trees!), cliffs, canyons, steep hills, and summits for visitors to explore.

Although this mountain has an array of beautiful views and hiking trails for all levels, that is not all it offers. Enjoy activities like biking, rock climbing, off-roading (get your four-wheelers), and horseback riding to name a few. If you want to see a different side of the famous desert landscape, check this place out. 

Red Rock Canyon

Okay, we don’t want to brag, but look at that sunset. Red Rock Canyon is one of the top places in the world for rock climbers, hikers, runners, and cyclists. Outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds come far and wide to enjoy the scenic landscapes and sorbet-colored sunsets.

You can horseback ride, rent an electrical bike, take the 4X4 Jeep adventure, rent a scooter car, ride a trike (not the big wheel, but if you try this we would love to hear about it), rent scooters, or take a ride on a helicopter. Red Rock Canyon offers so many options and is one of our coolest secrets. Oh, and P.S. this park is dog friendly. 

Valley of Fire

Now, this bright red beauty is our real hidden gem. The red sandstone rock formations light up the valley, specifically at sunset, giving it an appearance of being on fire (hence the name). This area is a photographer’s dream. The Valley of Fire offers some of the most beautiful hikes in the world but is also rich in history.

If you are interested in exploring evidence of early man, take the easy Petroglyph Canyon trail and see what you can find. Not as interested in history, that is okay we have another easy trail for you, elephant rock. We will let you guess why it is called that. This Park is littered with amazing trails and with so much beauty to be explored you will not want to leave. Valley of Fire is not for the faint of heart. You will be challenged physically and mentally in this terrain. Go prepared with lots of water. 

Lake Mead

Time to chill! Lake Mead gives off “party” vibes with donut floaties, coolers of cold cocktails, and spike ball nets freckling the beaches everywhere. Keep the party on the beach or take it to the waters with a boat rental. Backflips off the bow are welcome!

Get your party on while cooling off in the blue waters of Lake Mead. Spice up your outdoor adventure with some kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, or hiking the lake trails. Did you know there is a hidden city at the bottom of the lake?

Lake Las Vegas

Okay, everyone, Lake Las Vegas comes hard with all the fun. They have the coolest activities. Have you ever wanted to try a jet pack? Fly like your favorite superhero over the water with the Flyboard Water Jetpack. Not for you? Try wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding.

You can rent electric boats or you can let loose on the coolest part of all; The Aqua Park.  The aqua park is a massive floating obstacle course. Remember bouncy houses and blow-up slides, this is it! — on WATER. The area is surrounded by a little village that offers food, drinks, and shopping.